H1-B Transfer from F-1/OPT VIsa


I’m a Masters student currently on F-1 Visa. My H1-B petition is selected through the lottery from Company A. I have another offer from Company B.

Once i receive the receipt notice, Can company B transfer my H1-B without any issue?

Is there any possibility that the Company A can cancel my application during this transfer process?

Will i be out of status anytime during this? I have applied for OPT EAD and am expecting it to arrive in a month. Can i still fall back on OPT if the H1-B transfer doesn’t get through ?

B can file cap-exempt petition only after A’s petition has been approved.

A can withdraw petition anytime they want. However, once A’s petition has been approved, B can file for transfer even after A withdraws the petition.

You can fall back on OPT as long as A’s petition doesn’t get approved w/ COS. Once it is approved w/ COS, your OPT is given end date. It doesn’t matter what happens to B’s petition thereafter.

But i would not have started working for company A at all. Would i still be counted for the quota.
Can i transfer H1-B before Oct. 1?

IMO, B will have to file a cap-exempt petition and submit Oct 1 as start date. You can check w/ B’s attorney for more clarification.

B can only file for transfer after 10/1