H1-B Transfer - Complicated

Hello all, could someone please help me with my case,I have an Employer A with which my project ended and was on bench. Meanwhile Employer B hired me and started my H1-B transfer process and I started working for Employer B. Now, Emp A got me
a better project and I’ve received the offer. Now, can I go back to Emp A and work for them as my H1-b transfer is in progress with Emp B?
Thank you !

Dont worry, you can work for your Employer A.

A H1B is not a singleton entity. Its like a job offer. Any number of employers can offer you job at any time(even more than one employer can offer you jobs at a time right?), you can choose to work for any employer(by accepting the offer).

Thank you very much for your reply. I understand your response but my concern is, as Emp B started the transfer process(not approved yet) which makes USCIS think that I’m currently working for Emp B and NOT Emp A anymore. But if Emp A files an amendment for the existing H1-B now, will USCIS not be confused and shoot RFE?

Dont assume the other’s Mind.
You will be fine. Just relax.