H1-b to H4 COS- If quitting the job early can help in keeping me Cap-Exempt incase of future I-140 approval?

I am completing my 6 years in H1-B on April 28 2021. I am planning to file the H1B to H4 COS petition myself with USCIS based on my spouse’s H1-B. My plan is to submit a 2 week notice period in April and quit on my last day of April 28.
When I talked about this with some of my friends they were saying that if I quit at the end of March, I can have a chance to be in cap-exempt for H1-B in the future if some other employer is able to file PERM and I-140. They say that the employer can request USCIS for a cap-exempt H1B for 3 years based on the I-140 approval and the unused days from my previous petition.

Can you let me know if this is possible?