H1 B status - Regular or premium

Hello There,

I got a receipt notice from US says that my application was picked in lottery, with the receipt number (EAC1514550200). What will be the next process? Also I would like to know the difference between regular and premium processing.


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Congratulations, you covered a big hurdle. Its interesting that you got it so late. Right now R/P does not matter because USCIS stopped the premium clock. Most premium folks already got their approval notice. I’d guess you’re not in premium. You should expect the approval (or occasionally RFE) by July at the latest.

Congrats and u r really lucky man… I am still waiting for my result :frowning:

when did you receive your approval notice… i am in similar situation of cos from L2 EAD to H1B conversion but havent received any rejection yet so checking if they are still rolling out approval receipts.