H1 B stamping in NOV 13 while having Valid L1 Visa till DEC 13

Hi All,

I have a Valid L1-B visa from COMPANY A which is valid till mid DEC 2013.

I travlled to US 3 times and returned back in SEP 2013.

COMPANY B in US filed a H1-B for me and it is approved.

I am still working with COMPANY A and I am planning to go for stamping in NOV 2013.

Below are my questions:

  1. Are there any implications about doing stamping after OCT 2013 since my client letter is showing start date from 1 OCT 2013? They might ask me why I am not working with the COMPANY B in India.

  2. Will they cancel my L1-B Visa (Valid till Mid DEC 2013) when I go for stamping?

  3. Any other implication or problems that I might face while interview?

Thanks in Advance.