H1-B Stamping If wanting to travel to India (First Time)

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I’m currently working in the USA for my employer on H1-B. I graduated from university in 2018 and was approved for H1-B in August 2019 (change of status from F1 to H1-B automatically took place in October 2019). So I currently have approved H1-B notice but do not have the H1-B visa stamped. Please note that this is my first H1-B stamping and I do NOT fall under the Proclamation from the President as I was physically present in the USA before July 2020.

I’m currently looking to travel to India on an emergency basis and have already filled out DS-160 and supporting documents for Mumbai Consulate but is having a hard time getting any dates until March 2021. I would appreciate it if I could get an appointment date tr any viable alternative. Also, can I opt for the DropBox option? Please let me know.

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@Kumar Please advise! Thanking you in advance!

@aditya_123 Hey Aditya ! My sister is in the same situation as yours. She is planning travel to India in December and her visa needs to be stamped. Did you get any solution for your problem ? Kindly let me know if you got any ! Thanks

@Kumar Please respond !!

I checked yesterday and the earliest appointment available at New Delhi/Hyderabad/Kolkata consulate is in March 2021. US consulate in India is warning potential travellers 9that need visa stamping) to expect huge delays and cancellation of appointments. Expedited appointments are limited to medical emergencies. So if you need to travel, you may not come back before April 2021. So plan accordingly.