H1 b stamping ( I dont have my STEM EAD card )

Hi Experts ,

I am planning to go to India to get my H1b stamped. Till Oct 1st 2015 I was working on my STEM EAD card. The card had wrong dates in it and it was a mistake by USCIS. I sent the card back to them to correct it but unfortunately they lost it and I dont have the original one. I have all the necessary proofs from school , my 15 conversations and case filings with USCIS as this was an error from their side .

Now finally if I want a EAD card I have to pay again and file a new 765 form. Even if I do so I am no more on F1 VISA and my status in USA has changed to H1b from Oct.

My Question - 1 ) Is there a need for me to have my EAD card , not sure what they would do as my status has changed ?

  1. When I go to India for stamping will I be expected to show my EAD ? which was my work permit before H1b ?

  2. Can I just leave it as it is without having an EAD as there is no more use of it ?