H1-B revoked by USCIS - employer DID NOT file for it

Hello Everyone,

my husband works for a fortune 50 company as full-time employee since past 3.5 years and his H1-B recently got extended for a 3-year period. We got the approval 3 months back. Suddenly, we saw a notification on USCIS site today that his H1-B is revoked. we were SHOCKED !! We contacted his company’s law firm immediately and they weren’t aware of this too. It’s a big law firm in silicon valley. This action was definitely not taken by his employer or attorney. His attorney suggested we hold tight until they receive official notification mail from USCIS and understand the reason. After that they will suggest the course of action.

Has anyone been through similar situation before? On what grounds can USCIS take such action? Can this be a system fault?

We would greatly appreciate the advice from anyone who knows about such situations.



There could be following reasons:

  1. USCIS did this in error

  2. USCIS looked at the petition again and discovered something which wasn’t known earlier and based upon that revoked the approval

Until your attorney gets more information from USCIS it is anyone’s guess.

Hi Pooja,

Did you get update from USCIS on your Husband’s case?. Please let me know, I’m facing similar issue.