H1-B revocation


I am working for Company-A on H1-B.

Company-B filed a new H1-B petition on Friday and I have not received the receipt notice.

Is there a way Company-A can revoke my current H1-B, if I tell them about my separation?

Thank you

Since Company B has already filed the new H1 petition for you, Even Company A knows that you are leaving them now, Even Company A files a revocation petition on your H1, most likely your new Company H1 petition receipt notice would come before USCIS actually look into the company A’s revocation.

Even USCIS revokes your Company A H1 IMMEDIATELY, still you are safe since Company B has already filed the new H1 petition for you(in your language, transfer of H1).

You are safe.

But you dont need to tell Company A about your H1 transfer.

Thanks for your quick response.

So, even if I tell Company-A regarding my separation now, and if they revoke my H1-B with Company-A immediately,

I can join Company-B and there wont be any problem with my status right?

Could you please reply to my additional question ???