H1-B Received RFE on July 17 2013, Will it be Rejected

hi all . I have received REF on my Application On July 17 -2013… does it mean it will be rejected. … any information on this is really helpful. what are the Chances iof approval or denial…

It might be approved, might be rejected, or might get further another RFE. So see, probability is 33% for any 1 decision. However now it depends on the RFE question, and the approval that your employer, attorney and might be you as well submit to USCIS. It will rarely happen that employer will come to you for RFE response until it is a small employer or they need something from you. Else they would take care of it. From the day of RFE request, USCIS give you 90 days to respond. If you know the RFE question, then you might predict kind of complexity associated with your case. However this is for sure, if RFE would be responded appropriately, your case would not be rejected.

Thanks Pankaj !! it was really helpful… So Still i can be hopeful on my application

I think you should be hopeful. If your candidature is fair, then remain hopeful. Good luck. Wait for the RFE notice if you get to know that.

OK Pankaj … Thanks for the Information … I have total of 8+ yrs of experience in a Single company from begenning of my career… When i was in US on B1 in dec 2012. i had one employer wanted to file my H1… so they initiated process… The employer has Systems Analyst as my designation in Pettion. i dnt know what might be the RFE … I will let you know soon