H1 B premium on acceptance stage from past 7 working days

HI ,

[b]My Employer filed my H1B as Normal processing, ON Sep 3rd I got RFE on that.[/b]


[b]On Nov 25th My employer responded to RFE along with updated to premium processing from Normal processing.[/b]


[b]On Nov 25th -->Its moved to RFE respond review from RFE[/b]

[b]On same day(25th Nov ) -->Its moved to Initial Review from RFE respond review [/b]

[b]On Nov 26th -->Its moved to Acceptance and my attorney received a mail confirmation regarding application accepted under premium processing.[/b]


[b]Its alomost 7 days, still my H1B is in Acceptance stage, even its not moved to initial review.[/b]

[b]May I know how long will take it to make decision in premium processing.[/b]




15 Calender Days is the SLA…