H1 B premium on acceptance stage from past 7 working days

My H1B status was changed by my employer from RP to Premium. Its more than 7 business working days, my case status is still in Acceptance stage.

Need to know:
1. My case status would be changed either Initial review or RFE or will there be chances to get in Post Decision stage directly from Acceptance?
2. As its more than 7 days for PP, when can I expect my case status to be change?

Is it fine for status lying on acceptance for so long?

  1. If your petition is approved … probably first it will say clock stopped and then move to post decision activity.

If your petition is RFE… clock will be stopped and then move to RFE.

  1. You should expect it within 15 working days.

You should give uscis time to review the application. For a premium processing case, timeline is 15 working days. If you do not receive anything within 15 days, then you can have ur employer/attorney contact them!

Just one correction - it is 15 calendar days and not 15 working days.

What is your visa status as of now? Has it been approved. Please share your experience.