H1 B (physician) approved online. When can i start to work?

  1. I was on a j1 visa as a resident/fellow for the last 5 years. My I-129 for H1 B was just approved online. When will I get the H1(i-129 and i-94) in mail? As I am already in USA, when can i start to work? Can employment be initiated based on the approval of the H! online or do you need the hard copies in hand to start work?

  2. Also i live in Arizona. i have a drivers license from CT tll 2018. I need to get the drivers licnese in Arizona as per the laws here before I start work. Can the DMV issue the drivers license based on the online approval as they have access to the central office or will they outrightly reject my application as i dont have the hard copies.

  3. Also How many days doesit takes before the hard copy comes to the attorney after the i-129 approved?

Thank you

Hello Psychmd:

  1. The H-1 in mail can take up to 1 week ( though I know of cases where it has arrived in 3-4 days). You do not need a hard copy, but you do need a copy of the approval notice.

  2. THe DMV is always a tirck. A friend of mine got hers by the DMV checking the system internally. But I know another friend who had to wait for the approval notice before DMV issued the license.

Your attoney and/or the employer will get the approval notice/I-129 in mail ( depends who is listed as the primary address). This takes less than a week typically.

Question: DId you apply by premium processing? How long did it take for the H1 approval?

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I did apply by premium processing. My H1 was filed by premium processing after the labour certification on August 8th 2013 and it was approved on August 19th 2013.

If it was approved on 19th, it should come in mail anytime now.
Did you have to wait for waiver approval from VSC before applying for H?

I called my lawyers office and they say that they got the H1 approval notice. Yes the waiver was approved on july22nd and then they filed for the LCA which was approved by august 1. The H1 (I-129) was then filed on August 8th and approved on August 19th.

Congrats!! All they need to do is to scan and email you the copy of the approval notice. It should work everywhere ( DMV, state medical board and starting employment)
I am waiting for my H approval, it was filed on August 15th. Fingers crossed!

Confirm w/ lawyer if it has been approved w/ COS or not. if approved w/ COS (i.e. it has an I-94 attached to bottom of it), then you should start working on H-1 from Oct 1.