H1-B: Notice of Intent to Revoke - Duplicate filing due to USCIS error

My H1-B visa was approved in July 2020, but a few weeks ago, I received a Notice of Intent to Revoke, with the reason stated as duplicate application.

The backstory for this is - my lawyers submitted a complete application to the Vermont Service Center as mentioned on my H1-B lottery selection receipt, and we received a confirmation number from the VSC. A few weeks later, the California Service Center sent a notice to the lawyers stating that my filing was being denied because the corresponding fees were not submitted. However, originally, we never submitted an application to CSC and it is unclear whether VSC transferred the application to CSC. In reply to the notice to CSC, my lawyers sent an explanation along with the filing fees and a copy of the original application that was sent to VSC. We then received a confirmation and receipt notice from CSC as well, thus I had two case numbers. A month after this, in July 2020, my H1-B petition submitted to VSC was approved and Form I-797A was mailed. At the time, the CSC application was still under review and a month after, in Aug 2020, the CSC application was also approved. During all of this we received no communication from USCIS regarding duplicate application.

Has this happened to anyone else? How will this be resolved?

Thank you!

This is a difficult situation, you should talk to your attorney and let them clarify this situation by providing all the proofs of the USCIS and the filings done… As it is NOT denial yet, you still have option and choice. Put up detail events info and proofs from USCIS, so that they can consider it. If worst case, they denied it, then you can go for lawsuit as well, as it was not your fault.