H1 B lottery status awaiting .. Any Hope ??


I’m stil waiting for my H1 B visa lottery status. My employer says he still not receive any conformation for accept/reject from USCIS. So he says my status is pending with USCIS. Is there still any hope left ?

One of my friend had similar case as of mine and he got rfi on 22 Aug 2013. So till what tine should I wait for lottery status?

Does there any way by which I can track my applicaton. I only have my passport detail. When I asked for any receipt number from my employer. He said receipt number is only issued for application which are selected in lottery?

Please suggest!!!

yes Receipt numbers are only for those which are selected in Lottery… If you havent received ur receipt number yet… i think you should contact your employer for actual reason, where your petiton is being filed or not… if filed i dont think it will take such long ,as all application reached quotat in first week itself

Thanks Vishal,
For answering my quiery. But i have contacted my employer and he said, “They can’t do any thing as they havn’t get response back from USCIS for my application.”

And as I menstion one of my friend get RFI for his application on 22 Aug. So is there any way I can track my application or i just wait for any action !!!

Still in very confuse state :frowning:

Untill You get your Receipt there is no way to track your Application on USCIS. Lets wait and hope for the Best … But be prepared for all … and other plans whats next