H1-B Layoff - Assessing Options: What should I do?

I am on an H1-B visa and was recently laid off. I have 30 days of the 60 day grace period remaining but a new role has not yet materialized. I’d like to extend the time I have available to look for new roles or wrap up my affairs while staying in the US. I have an H1-B visa stamp already (valid thru 2023) - so ideally I don’t mind making a quick trip out of the country and returning if needed (without having to get a new stamp). I would prefer NOT to have to get a new H1-B visa stamp.

I do not have the option to go on an H4 or F1, but I have read about transferring to a B2 status. However, I am a little confused as seems if it is not adjudicated in time and I find a new role, it could be a problem.

Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks!