H1-B DropBox appointment - Exempt from Travel Ban


I have an upcoming dropbox appointment for June 14th (Mumbai consulate). I am exempt from travel ban as being a parent of us citizen minor children.

It would have been easy to explain in in-person interview however with dropbox they would NOT take any additional doc.

Anyways I can try to clarify/update embassy that I am exempt from Travel ban and should my visa be granted I am allowed to travel ?


In your dropbox document packet, you may include a letter claiming you are exempt from travel ban and the reason. You can include the copy of birth certificate of your child.

@jp5 Could you let me know if you tried submitting birth certificate and letter stating exemption from travel ban and what was the result?

I suggest you include a copy of your kids birth certificate and passport pages 1 and 2.
We are just going through this horrible experience where our kid is a US citizen and I qualify for NIE for which I did submit my employer letter that says that I have US citizen and NIE.
Today I got my passport back with 221g citing PP10199. The officer simply didn’t read my employer letter and just refused .I have both NIE and US citizen kid. Anybody else in the same boat?

Hi JP,

I am also in similar boat( Parent of US born kid not comes under NIE). I have Dropbox appointment scheduled. Please share your experience.