H1 b denied without rfe, online status says, still processing

Hello everyone,

My H1b got picked and got receipt number. The online status still says it’s processing. I got an email yesterday saying my h1 not picked and check returned. After enquiry my employer said this could me a mistake from attorney. Will uscis reject application without rfe?My stays online is still same, which says case received and notice send.

Thank you!!

First ensure that the H1B receipt number is yours. Get the receipt notice from Attorney and ensure that your name is there in it. Then for sure you can ignore the email.

The email is just from your Attorney I think, it can be clerical error.

for the second part of question, yes USCIS can reject any case without issuing a RFE. If your online status says its still received, then there is still no update on the case.

Thanks mathuram
I have the notice with my name and reciept number.
Hope it’s a clerical error

I got an update from attorney that uscis said that check will be returned and h1 is not picked. This doesn’t make sense since I have the case number. Attorney called uscis for update and my employer says it will take atleast a week to get answer from uscis.

Please help I am confused and freaked out. Uscis case tracker says my case is picked and it’s still processing

That’s totally unheard of. Only USCIS can answer this. Please request your employer to follow it up with USCIS.
By any chance, is there another employee from your company who shares your name and has applied for H1B too??