H1 B Denial Notice - Format

Hello All,

My H1B got denied, employer sent a letter 10 days back, i wanted validate its genuine or not.

Can somebody give example document of denial notice.



Take a look here: http://redbus2us.com/h1b-lottery-rejection-letter-sample-fy-2016-vsc-and-csc/

Thank you, Could you please help me with denial notice after RFE ???

Sorry, I thought you wanted refusal notice. I don’t have a copy of denial notice.

If you want to confirm that the notice is real or not, then look at the receipt number and confirm that online status is also the same.

Do you want to confirm the denial reasons or the fact that the receipt number may not belong to you?

Thank you Saurabh!
the fact that the receipt number may not belong to you? - yes and document doesn’t look authentic, and looks like tampered one.

could you help me with that !

Ask for original receipt copy (797C). It should have receipt number and beneficiary’s name.

Thank you Saurabh! - he sent me one document which is having a logo in the Right corner of the document but its a not kind Notice of action document which you share last time and no page numbers on it.

could you help me with that… could you give your email so that i can send it to you.

Send it to redbus01 at gmail dot com, and I will take a look and see if I can help.

I looked at the document and couldn’t see anything that would make it an obvious fraud. Did you get copy of 797C from the employer?

No… i got only this document…

Try to get the 797C from them. That’s the best way to know the authenticity.