H1-B Case Was Reopened after RFE

Hi All,

Please help me …for H1-B Fresh cap.

On 30-Dec-2014 I have filed MTR(Form-I290B) with amended MSA and SOW. My petition got denied due to Expired MSA and SOW.

My “Case Was Reopened” on 4-Mar-2015.

Q-1: How long they will take?

Q-2: What are the chances to approve?Q-3: What next I have to do and prepare for?

Q-1: How long they will take?

Usually, the MTR reopen cases takes longer time lines. Cant tell exactly how long.

Q-2: What are the chances to approve?

If your denial issue only the expired MSA and you have supplied the valid one later with MTR, good chances of approval
Q-3: What next I have to do and prepare for?

Nothing unless you get an RFE for your MTR-reopen case.

When I called 60018003755283 to check my case status. By choosing option to track case status. It says they have reopened the case and sending you I-797 form. It means my petition is approved?

I-797 is a letter of notice in change of your case status while progressing. Please spare some time to do research before getting excited. Its just one more communication from USCIS to the petitioner.

My case was premium will it help in fast processing?

On 04-Mar-15 my petition got approved yuppee!!

Hey Nishant,
I am kind of in the same boat of you. I’ve got the MTReconsider, but then they approved it, but they reopened my case again. What does this mean?

Might be it is approved wait for a while and keep checking with your employer if they have received approved petition. You can directly call to USCIS to get more detail on this. Never rely on MTR status change its most of the time does not give you clear idea. Hope for the best and stay positive.

I’ve got the approval notice, but I also got they reopened it right after.
Feb 13: Case Was Reopened For Reconsideration

Feb 14: Case Was Approved

Feb 14: Case Was Reopened

Seems like it’s good news. But at the same time you need to check with employer for approved petition.

I’ve got the approved petition, but also got the reopened notice :frowning:

Hello Moak091, What was your case status after it was reopened, what notice did you received may i know? I have same situation today. Please advise. Thanks

@er.nishant11 what was the final status of the Initial I129 petition, Is it still remained reopened or Approved?