H1 B Cap Count as of June 11th 2012 - Is it still open

Hi, I am planning to apply H1 B application today. Will my H1B appication be under CAP if i Submit my application today?

My employer is telling it has reached but he will still try.

Has the cap limit already reached?

As of this moment, USCIS hasn’t updated their website with cap count till last Friday. Once that is out you’ll figure out whether you could get inside the cap or not.

[USCIS Cap Count](http://www.uscis.gov/h-1b_count)

One query:

You have mentioned that you are "planning to apply for H1B today" - has your employer got LCA certified for you? If not, that process itself might take 5-10 days, at least, and hence the possibility for you to be inside the cap is highly unlikely.

Helo Sujith, Thanks for the response. Yes, my employer has got the LCA certified.

Then you could try your chances. Good luck :slight_smile:

Hey anon… Do you mind telling me which company are you with?? I just wanted to check if i was with the same company and if my employer has LCA’s available as well. I understand that LCA’s are not employee specific??

My docs reached USCIS today morning …just hoping for the best

At least they are accepting docs…

LCAs are not employee specific, means its not specific to a particular person. Whereas, my understanding is that, an LCA cannot be used for multiple petitions if its certified for only one beneficiary. There is field in the LCA - “Total Worker Positions Being Requested for Certification”. I believe, one LCA could be used with as many petitions as the count mentioned in this field.