H1-B candidate got deported at port of entry(Chicago, IL) after stamping.

Hello Guys,I recently got a forwarded WhatsApp message regarding a candidate(please find attachments for ore info) named XXXXXX, who got deported at the POE, Chicago, IL.I met a couple of people in my daily commute, who share a similar background same as this guy. My question is, I would like to know what went wrong and who tipped off USCIS. I guess these questions are not asked on the spot.

I see Ranstad, being a Vendor doesn’t care about this, easy money off of these people.If Walgreens had taken this action, they simply fire such candidates.

Did the employer, accidentally submitted fake resume, when submitting for H1-B? USCIS would’ve rejected the petition, instead of waiting for the candidate to go out of country and come back, to get deported.Can USCIS officers have the right to check the phones like that? Can the candidate have to consent for such checking?

CBP (and not USCIS) can check laptops and phones within 100 miles of international border if they have reasonable doubts. So yes, they can ask the person to unlock the phone and then go through the contents. Looks eery and in some cases individual can challenge in the court later, but at that moment they can go through the contents.

Read this: The Constitution in the 100-Mile Border Zone | American Civil Liberties Union

Hi can you please delete that document from google drive. He was a friend of mine and already going through a lot of pain. Because of this thread its being shared on websites as well. Can you please delete it as soon as possible.

I want to use this as an example for others, not to do the same mistake and learn from his.
This post is not to hurt anyone, also, there is detail about the candidate.
Frankly speaking, I’ve censored all the information about the candidate and I have the Passport number, Visa number etc, that was already shared in whatsapp with thousands of people.

Now, 1. His date of entry should be after Oct 1st, why did he came before H1B start date? Is that went wrong?
2. I heard a rumor that he have multiple H1B copies in his phone, along with other people’s resume, how did the CBP know to search for such details?

Based on the information in WhatsApp, and in the above forms, other students already get alerted not to join that consultancy.

There are couple of students around me, who are scared after this incident, as they have upcoming trips, they just wanted to know what the mistake was…!

I can understand what your intent was. But you used his name so when we google with his first name this link is showing up please change the name and that document. It has his fathers name. Understand that pain is going and he called me early in the morning about this link.

Sorry, I did not see his father’s name, his full name, in the above 4 images, you might have looking at some other document.
The images I have from Google Drive contains consultancy name, vendor name, client name and other client names…!

If this was not your friend and you planned to go to India soon, wouldn’t you want to know more details?

Anyway, I can take it down, this content doesn’t matter me at all, but I wanted to help other people. Please report the post as privacy/copyright infringement, to redbus2us community. If they find any personal info. they will remove it.

Sorry for your friend.

BTW, when you google his name, hope you’re using a browner with no cookies. Try using a different browser, with cache cleared.


I kindly request you to delete this post as there is lot of information about the person in the post and being a friend of him i know the pain he is going through. Please delete this post as this is spoiling his career.

Ya. I mean try to google his name adding deported and you will find this document. It is my friend. I know you wanted to help students like me but if you want i can share the converstaion in plain text. Please delete this thread and that document.

again, I don’t feel the pain (I agree), but I can understand the situation, how many "XXXXX"s will be there in India?
If someone search for this post, they already know/have his passport number copy.

Ya but. You can keep the question just remove his name.

ya, refresh the page, use ctrl+f and search for his name, you wouldn’t find it…!

I removed the name from the original post. If you have used the name in any of the comments, you should be able to edit that yourself.

I have updated the thread to remove all instances of applicant’s name and other identifiable information about him.

The only thing I couldn’t change was the shared folder name inside google drive. The creator of the folder (I assume its the OP) needs to change that.

Once all that identifiable information has been removed, is there any other concern?

Thanks for understanding and i reallybappreiate your help. Can you please change the vendor and client names to some X and Y. Thanks again for the help


Please remove this post/ Please understand that their are so many names involving who are innocent and dont have to involve in this /please remove


Thanks for removing the name.can you please remove the remaining names of the companies.

you guys still haven’t answered the main question which helps other people. Stop whining, his passport is already in the wind guys, again, if someone came for this post looking for his details, that means, they already have his passport number, visa number, home address, other details.
Stop complaining and help others, I had enough with you guys already.

I appreciate your effort for helping students.
But i just want remind you one thing.
There may be several students belongs to that company.
Thier future is in triuble.
Atleast they should have some time to bring themselfs to safe position.

Your post is helping lot of students but simultaniously it is totally going to spoil career of almost 800 students in which some of my friends also there.

Please remove names of the companies
I request you to post the matter without all these deatils.
Awareness regarding this is mandatory


What future in trouble. People are themselves hitting axe in their own foot by joining such fraud consultancies that force u to fake resumes. It was high time that some case like this comes up. I am glad that the details were posted clearly for everyone to see. The guy in question also did the wrong thing. Many people with original resumes can’t get job as there is a flood of such fake resumes in the market. I hope and pray for many such cases!

What pain is ur friend going through. It was because of him only. Don’t create sympathy for ur friend who did the wrong things. He got what he deserved. Go ask what pain people feel when they can’t get a job with their original resumes as there is a flood of people with fake resumes in the market. I hope and pray for more such cases in the future. There should be charter jets ready for Hyderabad at all major airports of US for deportation of such chaps!