H1 B application Employment letter not available

Hello Friends,

I am going to apply for H1 B next yare (currently H4). I have a Bachelor’s degree from India and several years experience in IT. With regards to one of my employer where I worked for 1 year, I had to leave th company due to family reasons and they are not wiling to issue the experience letter. In this case, I am concerned if the pay-stubs (for entire 1 year) and offer letter is good enough to prove my experience. Pay-stubs have been issued via e-mail and contains company, tax information etc. they dont have a signature tho. Will that be okay for applying ?

Could somebody please help with this. It shall help me prepare better.


It is not mandatory to have the experience letters. It may be asked for only if USCIS is not sure about your work experience. Even in that case, you can submit the payslips and offer letter, or get letters from ex-managers/colleagues to show that you were really employed during that time.