H1 B ammendment

Hi Team,

Currently my Visa is stamped with Client X for Texas and i want to file amendment for Client Y for New york. please clarify below Questions .

  1. Can i file Amendment in India and travel to Client Y in USA as my visa is already stamped. if yes what are the documents in need to carry while i travel to USA.

  2. Once i file Amendment, can i still file Visa for my Dependents or do i need to wait till i get my Amendment approved?

  3. Do you Recomend to get Dependents Visa Stamped and file for amendment and make them travel with me to USA this is also option available?

  4. Once we travel to USA after filling amendment in India, can i travel back and forth to india if required as long as my Visa is valid?



  1. Yes. Carry amendment receipt but they won’t ask. They didn’t ask me for it.

2.You can file both before and after

3.Recommended but not necessary.

  1. Yes. I did the same.