H1-B Amendment Question

Hello All,

Employer A filed an I-129 petition in October - 2015 and it was approved until September - 2018.

I went to India on March 23rd - 2016, VISA stamping was done until September 2018 with the approved I-797.

Returned to the US on May - 2nd 2016 and got I-94 until September - 2018 at the Port of Entry.

December - 2016 Employer A filed an amendment due to a location change and it was approved until January - 2018.

Employer A filed an extension in December - 2017 (with new location) and it got denied in April - 2018.

Does my status already expired in January - 2018 as per the last action rule or is it valid until - September - 2018.

Please advise.