H1-B amendment process while in India

I have received my I-797B approval notice with a company for client X in one location, if i am relocated to another location for client Y for the same company then i need to file for an amendment as per the new rule enforced from April.

My question is can i proceed for stamping with client Y details in DS-160 form(since in RFE client Y details along with manager letter were provided) and RFE was approved…And file for amendment for client Y after stamping?What is the risk involved in this?Also i have provided client X details in 1-129 form/petition and during RFE client Y details were provided…Please help me understand how RFE works in this process.

Also as per what i have heard we need to carry only the approval notice during stamping and the original petition(I-129) will not be needed.Is that true?

Thanks in advance!

Even if you don’t carry I-129, the officer will have access to it.

A cleaner solution is to get the amendment and then appear for stamping. However, if you want to try the other way around, then you should carry all the documents related to Y. You should also carry the RFE response letter your employer/attorney would have submitted to explain the movement from X to Y.