H1 B Amendment Denied - Next steps ?

My H1 visa is valid from 20th June 2014 till 22 June 2016. I changed my client in Jan 2015 and so employer filed a H1 amendment. I received a RFE for this on May 19th 2015 asking for evidences in Client-Employer relationship which we provided. But on Jan 19, 2016, my amendment is denied for the same reason. My employer says that I can stay here as my underlying H1 is valid.

a) What are the next steps that can be taken so I can continue working with client?

b) Can I file a new amendment for the same client again and start working for client after I receive the receipt number ?

c) Can I change my cllient (as I am getting some new offers), and ask my employer to file a new amendment for the new client

  1. You cannot work for new client as amendment is denied. With current documentation you can only work at old location

  2. Yes, they can.

  3. This is also possible

So the simplest solution would be to file a new amendment petition for the same client and once I receive the receipt number, I can immediately start working with them again. I do not need to wait for the approval of amendment.