H1 B Administrative processing, 90 days over


Its been over 90 days to resolve my 221G casein Calgary cosnulate.

Can I withdrwa my application in Canada and reapply same H1B visa in Inida?

if possible to reappaer in Inida then is it gonna effect my chances of approving or just like fresh case?

NOTE (I am still on JOB)

its quiet expensive to live in Canada.

your input highly appriciated.

can anybody please answer my question
Thanks a lot

Yes, you can withdraw the application in CA and let them know that you plan to apply from your home country.

However, it is possible that your visa processing in India will also run into 221g issues.

Do you know what documents they asked for in 221g?

I might give some more time in CA then will withdraw application…atleast i would be with my family.
No, they did not request anything, just said its aproved but haave to put u in AD processing