H1-b Acknowledgement Number not received

Hi folks,

My H1-b was filed by my employer on April 16, 2012 and I’ve not received any acknowledgement number as of yet. One enquiring, I was given the answer that this is not one off and there would be many people for whom the acknowledgement may not have come.

I wanted to know if there’s any other way where an individual can directly contact USCIS for the acknowledgement?

Till when should I wait for the acknowledgement number before I consider my end of journey for 2013 H1-b?


This is already getting delayed… consider the options below to help yourself:

  1. Your H1 application would have been mailed to the USCIS office. Get hold of a tracking number and make sure your application has reached the destination correctly.

  2. Your H1 application would have a payment to USCIS usually a check. Verfiy the status of the check if its encashed or not…?

  3. If your check is encashed … good news you can relax and just wait till you get the H1- receipt sooner or later

  4. If your check is not encashed, call the USCIS office to which your application was mailed and give the reference of the tracking number

Good Luck…!