H1 B 2017- waiting time line

Hi , My H1b application was picked in the lottery this year . The case is in regular processing and the last update as on 24th May 2016 was" My name was updated " . Can anyone please advise how much time does it generally takes for the status to change /any other update.

thank you


Even I am in the same boat…" Name was updated" since April 26… No change yet… Did u sign up and checked your case history… Did it change from “case was received” to “name was updated” ?? Mine directly shows only “name was updated”… Doesn’t show “case was received” so bit worried…

No need to worry. It is still pending just like the one in status “case was received”. It will be processed sooner or later.

Thanks Saurabh. That was so coincidental. My case was approved today.

Cool! Congrats …