H1 approved without i94 current status F1 opt

I am currently working with employer A and employer B applied for H1 in 2017 and it was approved without i94 . I am currently in opt valid it Jan 25 2018 .

  1. is it mandatory to go to India for stamping

  2. what happens to my current status . If I don’t go for stamping?

  3. is there any other option other than going to India

  4. can I apply for change of status now ? Will it helps me avoid stamping for time being

You can apply Change of Status from F1 to H1B. Once its approved, you can start working on H1B. With COS approved, you need not go for stamping immediately. It is enough if you get stamping when you leave and re enter USA.

You can also get stamping in other countries such as Canada instead of going to your home country. If you are ready to get stamping, then no need to apply COS. You can get stamping and enter USA on H1B.

1)There is no premium processing for cos for now , if I apply regular cos it takes 3-5 months mean while if I get a chance to go for stamping is that okay to go for stamping when cos is process ?

2)My opt will expire by Jan 25 , if cos still in process can I apply for school again
3) there will be any difference in visa interview for my situation ( h1 approved without i94)
4) if any thing goes wrong in interview , can I come back on opt F1 status

  1. If you are sure that you will travel, why do you want to apply it at the first place?

  2. Nope, it will be the same.
    For the rest of questions, I would recommend you to talk to an immigration attorney for more detailed insight regarding your case.