H1 approved- Want to travel and come back before Oct 1 on OPT-F1?


I am planning to travel to canada (I have a valid Canada tourist Visa) on 19th Sept and back in US on 22 sept . I am currently on F1 visa with Valid Stem extention which is valid until Dec 2013. I also have a H1 approved which will start on Oct 1. 


My Question is:


Can I go to Canada  on 19th Sept and come back to US on 22 sept on my Valid F1? Will there be any problem with no h1b Stamping on my passport?


My updated I-20 from university say's h1b Approved..So I am curious if Immigration Authority at border will look for h1b stamping on my passport. Since I am travelling before oct 1 and return back before oct 1, I think there should not be a problem. Please advise me.

Hi Pankaj!

I m in a similar situation and I was wondering if you could share what you did in that situation last year? Is it safe to travel with an approved yet not in effect h1b while you are still on OPT/CPT?

I woud really appreciate your reple



Hi Anshika,

I travelled to Canada and came back with no issues. As long as you have valid status while you enter US there is no issues. They didnt asked me any new questions. Just regular question:

Where am I going in US…What do I do…Purpose of Visit…How long do I plan to stay etc…

I hope this helps.