H1 application status shows refused, H4 issued

Me and wife had H1+H4 dropbox on Feb 8th for the Hyderabad consulate. we dropped the docs in the Bangalore VFS center. The status for my wife’s application (H4) is issued and the passport tracking says Origination scan. But the status of my H1 shows “REFUSED”. Is it possible that H1 is really refused and H4 is issued? If it is really refused how will I be communicated? I had opted for the premium delivery of Passports, so will I be getting the 221(g) in courier or email?
Did anyone face similar situation?
Appreciate any help here.

H4 is derivative of H1B so if H1B is denied, H4 will never get approved. In your case because H4 is approved, H1B should also be approved. Until it is approved the status will keep showing refused.