H1 and L2 Visa

I’m relocating to US on L1B and my wife in L2 , We will be heading for L visa interview in april or May 2016. A new Employer is also filing an H1B for my wife this year and they are aware of her move to US in L2. We were told by my wife new employer, she needs to wait until the decision is made on the H1B petition and told she could very well travel starting Oct 2016 on H1 to avoid any legal complication. ( the travel restriction is only for her and NOT Me)

I was under an impression that COS from L2 to H1 after Oct 2016 will be the best bet if USCIS approves the petition.

Considering that we have our visa stamped L1 and L2 respectively , Please help clarify the following doubts

Q1 - Can she travel to US during June or July 2016 on L2 visa?
Q2 - Did she really need to wait for her H1B petition lottery results before landing in US?
Q3 -Is there any problem she might face at the immigration when landing in US on L2 when her status of her H1B petition submitted is unknown?
Q4 - Is there any column that asks to mention the H1B Petition submission reference number in her L2 application?
Q5 - When are the lottery results made public and at what date is the H1B petition acknowledgement number given?


Appreciate your time and help , need some help before H1B filing this year

Thanks in advance.

  1. Yes

  2. Not required

  3. No issues

  4. No

  5. Varies. Last year they notified PP applications first in April, May followed by selected non-PP cases through June-July followed by non-selected cases.

Thank you Saurabh, appreciate your timely help.