H1 and H4 visa scheduling single appointment

Hi All, I am attending H1 visa interview and now filling DS160 for my wife and kid as well. We want to attend the Visa interview together. US Travel Docs support told that my profile not having the dependents during my last payment when i attended B1 Visa. Hence they asked me to fill the separate DS160 and separate VISA fee Payments for all dependents. And support team not commented on any thing the question that can i have same appointment for me (H1) and for my spouce and kid (H4). They simply say we are not sure if you get same day and same slot for both of you, you can attend. Is this possible? Can you suggest what can be done if we want to appear together for interview? If we go with different DS160 and two different appointment confirmation, can we attend the same window for attending the interview? How can we make sure we will go together for interview?

Looks like its difficult to get the same slot to both of you

I had the same issue. I wanted to take an appointment for me for my H1 along with my daughter for her H4. My previous employer didn’t add her into my account as my dependent and therefore it wasn’t possible to take an appointment together. My attorney figured out the work around and she could write a request somewhere from that account only on behalf of me saying that “please add my daughter into my account as a dependent as she is minor and doesn’t carry separate email address”. She gave my daughter’s required information and consulate had added my daughter into my account in just one day. Then i could take an appointment together for me and my daughter.

Hope this may help !