H1 and H4 EAD visa extension

Hi ,

Am currently on H4 dependent and my lottery got picked up for H1B this year and H1B petition is on progress .

At the same time my husband has approved 140 and his visa expiring on Feb 2023 and my H4 is also expiring on same time. Now my husband’s company is filling his extension and we would like to file my H4 and H4 EAD(first time ) concurrently along with his H1B extension.

My question is -:
1- Can we file H4+H4 EAD while My H1B is on progress ?
2- if H4 is approved after H1B approval , what status would I continue ?

Thanks . Appreciate if there is any response to it .


If your H1B is approved with change of status from H4 to H1B before your H4 extension is processed, USCIS should deny your H4 extension as you will no more qualify for H4 being in H1B status.