H1 and EAD on Same time. Which one to choose?


On 2007 I came to US(1st time) in L1 and worked for 6 months (on that time I got SSN).

Then 2008 I went to India and got married and entered USA(2nd time) on H4 visa.

Now 2013 I applied for H1 and got it and its valid till OCT 2016.

	From OCT 1st I am searching for jobs but due to my long gap I am struggling a lot.
Also I signed a contract for 12 months with my consultant and If I need to break it, then I need to pay $5000.

But to my surprise we (my husband and me) got EAD card last week which is valid till 2014.



My questions are,


1)  If I search through my consultant its 70:30 on my hourly pay and also he did not have clients in California, so he is asking me to move to east coast.

Now can I search a job with my EAD?


2) What about my contract, becoz I signed and gave them? Can I break the bond? Will there be any legal issues?


Please answer.

What EAD is that?

My husband is in H1 and GC process is going on.
Part of that we got this EAD.