H1 ammendment, F2 to H4 - Which ones need to be done first?


I am on OPT currently, and my wife is on F2 with me.

My H1 is approved and it will start from Oct 1st 2013.

And, my project(client) is also changing from first week of October. That means, I will have a new LCA and I will have to file for H1 amendment as well.

In the meanwhile, can my wife continue to be on F2?

I was thinking that let my H1 amendment come through and then I can file for her H4 in the second/third week of October.

Is that a good idea? Or should I go for H4 first and then h1 amendment?

In this case, if my H1 is amended, do I need to get her H4 also amended (if there is something like that)?