H1 amendment for H4 Visa / W2 form is it mandatory

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Below are the questions I have and need your help in clearing the H4 Visa process

  1. My Husband (H1B holder) got H1B on Oct,2013 - while applying for H1 (in april) they filled it for different
    Client1 - New Jersey, but later when he got the visa his project got changed and he was asked to travel to US immediately to
    support Client 2 - New York . We got new LCA for this Client(2) . But later in December he was asked to support
    for different Client 3 - Georgia , Atlanta (we have LCA for this location also). In Feb,2014 he was asked to work from
    Texas (Austin) for the same client 3 (we have LCA for Texas as well).

Now should we file for H1 amendment for both client 2 & 3 ? or is it ok to file H1 amendment for Client 3 alone?

  1. Is it mandatory for me to carry H1 amendment for H4 visa interview or can I just carry the receipt as a proof
    that we are in-process of getting our Amendment soon.

  2. Should I carry all originals of my husband (H1 originals - I797 , I94 etc) or is it ok if i carry a copy of those.

  3. Even though he reached US last oct 2013, he got his SSN only by mid of Jan (Because of delay in LCA , ect) , so he got
    his payslips only from Jan 2014 (so we do not have w2 form) - will that be a problem?

  4. Pls list me the documents which I should carry for H4 visa?

Need you help in all these… am eagerly waiting for your reply as we (me & my kid) are planning to travel as early as possible.

Awaiting your reply