H1 ->221g. Came back on H4. Do I need a new H1 to start working?

Hi Saurabh,

I was on H1 and when I went to India for stamping, I got a 221(g). I waited for 4 months and later came back to the US on H4.

Later I received an email from the US Consulate-Mumbai, stating that my application had been returned to USCIS for review and revocation.

I am currently on H4. Can I apply for a job and start working if a company is ready to file for my H1? Also do I need a new H1 or since I had a previous H1, will it just be a change of status? If it has to be a new H1, do I have to apply against the H1b quota again?

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Your previous H1 visa appplication has effectively been denied.Important word used by consulate was - sent for ‘revocation’

You need a separate H1 B approval for working legally. Obtain fresh I 797 from other company.

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