H-4 stamping when there is an approved H1-B

Hello…I have an approved H1-B. Since I could not find a suitable project that can initiate H1-B stamping and send me to U.S, I am planning to stamp H-4 and travel to U.S and then look for project through my company and do change of status to H1-B. My H-4 interview is scheduled for 21st May.

What can I expect during H-4 visa interview since I have an approved H1-B?. What should I prepare for to ensure that H-4 is not denied ensuring that my H1-B is safe as well? I got inputs from a friend that if I say to consular officer that I want to be with my wife for few months, he/she may question the intent of using H-4 as I can go on a visiting visa. If I say that I am not going on H-1 because currently there is no project for me, he/she may revoke the H-1. What will be the best way to convince the VO? Does anyone in the forum have similar experiences? Appreciate your help.

That is incorrect. When the spouse is on H-1 visa, visiting visa has a higher chance of denial and one should only use H-4 even if it was for temporary visit.

You may be asked some basic question about your wife and her employment. You may also be asked what you plan to do in US which on H-4 means be together w/ family, enjoy US, travel etc