H-1B visa renewal 2nd time after arrest record , no conviction

Hello, I was arrested under Domestic violence in 2018 in USA and the case was closed without any convictions , charges were dismissed and I travel back to India 6 months after that to renew my visa. Since it was an interview appointment, the VO asked for original certified court document and my visa was issued within 12 days of interview. The document was returned to me along with passport. I spend 4 and half years in USA on that stamping and further visa extensions.

Now I had to travel to India for emergency in May 2023 and attended Dropbox appointment for visa renewal. At the window the associate accepted all the documents but refused to take certified court document. She said we have standard set of documents which only we take.

Now my question is will this result into any kind of 221g to submit the certifIed court document which can lead to interview as well?

Since the Dropbox appointment was for me and my dependent wife, if any 221g is issued for interview, will she required to attend the interview as well?

Do they keep track of documents submitted for last visa stamping Like in my case it was in 2018 when I submitted original court documents?

Yes. Note that IW is at discretion so you may get 221g asking to just submit any other supporting documents along with an interview or just documents without interview.

Most probably not unless the VO wants to interview your wife too.

Yes, its all in their database.

If the document is already in their database, will consulate general still want same document again?