H-1B Visa Application - Petitioner Name Issue

Hi everyone,

I am trying to make an appointment for H1B visa stamping in New Delhi, India and I am running into an issue in the Petitioner’s name field. My company name has an ‘&’ symbol in its name, e.g., Joe & Smith LLC, which is written in the Petitioner name field in the I-797 approval notice, and the US visa appointment form recognizes this ‘&’ as an invalid character. Since I believe(not sure) that Petitioner’s name in the visa application form should exactly match what’s in the I-797 approval, I don’t want to put ‘and’ instead of ‘&’. I would like to know if anyone has encountered a similar issue before, and how should I navigate this situation. I asked my company lawyer and he said that the best way is to ask the New Delhi embassy directly and that he has not encountered something like this before. I emailed the embassy a couple of times but didn’t receive any reply from them even after 10+ days. Any advice would be helpful.


You can substitute & for and, no issues as this is the limitation of the DS-160 form. If you get any question from the CO you can explain.