H-1B rejection, when at the latest?


I am a F-1 student currently working via OPT. My company sponsored my application for H-1B via premium processing, but my attorney recently told me that I should expect rejection.

I asked a question a few days ago when I will be officially notified for H-1B rejection; I got a reply that it will be mid May at the earliest. Now I wonder when is the the possible latest date? (as well as when most people get notified, disregarding exceptions?) This date is very crucial for me because I cannot continue working after the date… Thank you so much for your help!

While some people claim that their employers have started receiving the packet back, I would still ask you to wait till June first week.

I am sorry, but I don’t think I understood your answer thoroughly; do you mean that I can’t be sure whether I got rejected yet and need to wait till June, or the rejection will be sent out by June first week at the latest?

You cannot tell for sure if your case is rejected yet. Wait till June first week atleast. You will either receive receipt number or packet back. Pls check with your attorney/employer to see if your check if en cashed yet.