H-1B refused previously in 2018. On H4 EAD for 1 year. New H-1B visa appointment

Hello All,
I am really confused whether i fit in the dropbox eligibility

  1. My previous H-1B extension was denied in Sept 2018
  2. After that I was on H4 status with EAD until Feb 2020
  3. New H-1B petition approved from Feb 2020

Currently I am planning go for a visa appointment on the new H-1B
If I answer all questions for dropbox eligibility right now i fall within the 48 months visa expiry brackt
my last visa 48 month expiry will be 27 Mar 2022.
I am not sure I will get an appointment before that , if I dont then i will fall out of the 48 month criteria and they might ask me to get an interview appt once in India ( which mean I might be stuck in India for months)

Should I just select No for the 48 month waiver and go for interview appointment ?
Please help