H-1B Part-time, Stamping, Avoiding Misunderstandment

Hello Saurabh,

Please can you answer my question. It's very important for me. I can't find any answers on this.

[b]My employer offered me only a part-time position: 25 hours a week for approx. $3,000 a month.[/b]

[b]The I-129 petition is already approved. I am afraid of getting 221(g) during the interview, because of the salary. [/b]

[b]What kind of documentation should I bring to prove it's really a part-time employment and I will never be working for more than 25 hours a week?[/b]

[b]PS: I am not going to work any extra hours above the 25hours a week. I should work 4 days a week, 6 hours a day. The reason, why I was hired is because I've very deep experiences with one of the company's software project, so they can't find anyone better. On the other hand they don't want to invest resources for a full-time position into this project at this time.[/b]