H-1B lottery selection status timeframe for Non-Premium application

My employer has applied for Non-Premium(Normal) H-1b visa application for me this year. Can anybody suggest, when can I expect to know whether application is selected in lottery or not?

USCIS will anounce / release a statement saying that H1-B cap is full and not accepting any more petitions.

For 2013 year, this happend on April 5, 2013. Please keep looking at USCIS website for News Releases and News Alerts.

Hello H1B-L1B,

Thanks for the reply.

Kindly correct me if I am wrong, once USCIS announces that the cap is full, after that only the lottery process will start.
My question was, once the lottery process starts, how long does it takes for Non-Premium petitions to know, whether they have been selected in the lottery or not.