H 1B Issues with Employer

Hello,I am a MAVNI enlistee with H1B status scheduled to ship for Basic Combat Training with Army Reserve in May 23, 2016. My situation at hand as of today is that my current employer will terminate my employment relationship in May 13, 2016. I am worried given that MAVNI enlistee are to keep good current immigration status while enlisted. Does this automatically drops me from the MAVNI program ? (no records, except for two traffic light fines in the past 4+ years). I understand this is not the place to get legal advise, but any suggestions from any precedent cases with other persons will be appreciated.Thanks,

No. Not having a valid status does not terminate your enlistment. You’re recommended to keep status in case something happens during your BCT and may not get naturalized. In that case, once you’ve been discharged you will not have a valid legal status, thus having to leave the country.

pickme thanks. Do you know of any other person with circumstances like this or close to this ? I would like to get compelling persuasion so that my recruiter does not freak out in the event he is not aware of additional information.

I think a lot of people are in those shoes, especially f-1 students. Many of them are graduating/have graduate and will be out of status before basic. It seems that it is okay if you don’t have a status… the problem is at when you fail BCT or get injured and can’t complete it to get your citizenship.