H-1B dropbox. STATUS: Refused

I have applied for H-1B visa renewal. I was eligible for dropbox. I dropped my documents and then after 10 days I got Refused and below email.

Your document is ready for pickup. Please visit https://www.usvisascheduling.com/ for passport collection-related information.

Can anyone please let me know what does this mean. Whether my case has been rejected or I have to go for interview. On https://www.usvisascheduling.com/ website there is not giving in my profile yet.


I had the same case. Dont think its completely rejected. Once you will pick your passport, you may see a slip in that which will say what other information they want from you. Stay positive and good luck.

Thanks. That’s exactly what happend. Called for an interview and then got the approval.

@Mandeep_singh Did you get an email from them about documents ready to pickup? Did the status on usvisascheduling.com not change to reflect this?