H-1B Denial on Lack of Experience?


Can I have a question please?

[b]Do you know what is the average denial rate of H-1B visa petitions?[/b]

Can my petition be denied due to lack of [b]experience[/b] (1year) even though I have a BS in computer science and my job is in the same field?

During the time of H-1B processing I earned a MS in omputer science from a top university in my country. 

In case I have any problems related to my experience, can I argue with my MS degree in computer science? Or it does not apply now, since I earned it after the original petitition submition date?

I've studied 6 years full-time to earn my master's degree. It's a top university and it's exactly in the field of my H-1B job.

If you are qualified for the offered position, then years of experience shouldn’t matter. You cannot include MS now as it was earned after the petition was filed. You can include in future petitions.

Hello Saurabh,
Thank you very much for answering my question!
I really appreciate.

I’ve studied 4 years to earn my BS and then I’ve spend additional 2 years on my university (at the time of filing the H-1B petition I didn’t have the MS degree yet).
The education is exactly in the field of the job we’re petitioning for.
So I bet this is fine.